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To ensure the safety of your child, Suffolk All Stars has extensive Health and Safety policies.


Inside the premises and whilst doing craft activities staff should ensure that:

  • All rooms should be kept as tidy as possible and free from underfoot and overhead hazards.
  • Sharp tools such as scissors, knives, cutting/modelling tools should not be used by children without close supervision
  • All equipment must be in a safe, well-maintained condition and conform to safety standards
  • Any unsafe/broken equipment must be removed from use immediately and replaced as necessary.
  • Correct use of cutting tools must be taught to children.
  • Children must not have unsupervised access to equipment, cupboards, storerooms etc.
  • Containers used for powder and liquids must be labelled appropriately and stored safely.


When in the playground or sports fields staff should ensure that:

  • The premises and outside play area are secure and children are not able to leave them unsupervised.
  • Children wear suitable clothes and footwear for the physical activities.
  • Staff will ensure children are adequately clothed in cold/wet weather.
  • Staff will ensure children are adequately clothed to avoid sunburn/sunstroke during hot sunny weather.
  • Staff will ensure children don't become dehydrated.
  • Staff keep control of the group at all times e.g. using a whistle to make sure that children understand that they must stop whatever they are doing when they hear it.
  • Staff never let children over-exert themselves.
  • Staff should ensure there is adequate space for the physical activity.
  • Staff should ensure that all jewellery is removed and long hair tied back.
  • Staffing ratios should be adhered to.
  • Staff to take named medication that has been provided by parents/carers eg. inhalers, epi-pens etc whenever they are moving to another area of the school.


The group leaders will explain the following Playtime Rules to the children in their group. The play time rules will apply whilst children are undertaking a supervised activity as well as during lunch and break time. The children adhere to the 'Playtime Rules' as set out below.

  • Children are not allowed to go outside the gates without the permission of a member of staff.
  • Children are not allowed to climb on the gates or fence
  • To avoid choking, chewing gum and hard boiled sweets are not allowed. Sweets should not eaten or chewed during physical activities, nor when children are playing.
  • Children are not allowed to climb on the trellis around the play equipment.
  • Children are not allowed to climb the trees.


Notices will be displayed for parents/carers informing them of any activity involving food that will be undertaken. Parents/carers will be asked to inform us if their child has any food allergies. Erin-Lea Murphy will discuss individual cases with the parent/carer wherever possible to assess any potential risks. We will also check the medical information list supplied to look for sufferers of food allergies. ALL children will be told that they are not allowed to eat the cookery items or treasure hunt sweets on site. They must all wait until they have been given permission by the parent/carer to eat these items.


All areas will be kept safe and clean at all times. Staff will carry out a daily check and any problems will be noted and reported to Camp Manager for action. At the end of each session, a clearing up procedure is followed to ensure the premises are left safe, clean and tidy.

  • Check for debris, glass/tin cans/needles/syringes/other/animal waste
  • Check play surface for puddles or mud patches
  • Check outdoor play equipment is in good working order
  • Check if building work/repairs will not affect activities especially cables or machinery
  • Check that all gates are securely closed
  • Check for debris, broken furniture/equipment
  • Check cleanliness of area including toilets
  • Check adequate supply of toilet paper/soap/paper towels
  • Check that dangerous substances are safely stored
  • Check that no windows are broken