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Little Stars Cheer! (4yrs+)

This half hour class starts to teach the basics needed for the Cheer Academy. 

We introduce gentle stretching and body conditioning exercises, learning basic drills, motion techniques and jumps. We also start looking at very simple tumbling and stunts. 

These are all based on Level One standards as outlined by Future Cheer, USASF, IASF, BCA and UKCA and the lower grades of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

Our little Stars are graded using The Spirit Cheerleading Awards developed in conjunction with the UK Cheerleading Association (UKCA). 

These awards provide a sound framework for the progressive development of cheerleading skills. The scheme builds confidence, teamwork and continued interest in physical fitness. The Cheerleading Spirit Awards are built around 6 developmental levels which promote essential aspects of team based cheerleading for both boys and girls.

Once the children achieve their LEVEL SIX AWARD they are ready for the Suffolk Stars Cheer Academy!

Our pre-team is "STAR DUST" who perform at local events and shows.