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SUFFOLK ALL STARS: Risk Assessment and Existing Checks

Staff must be fully aware of their responsibilities for supervision and understand them and implement them. This will be stressed at the Staff Briefing.

Security Risks
  • That a child becomes lost
  • That an unauthorised person enters the site and takes a child
Security Risk Existing Checks
  • Procedures for supervising the children throughout the day have been drawn up.
  • Supervision; Registration and Collection; Health and Safety Policies
  • Procedures for collection have been drawn up indicating who is authorised to collect a child
  • Clearly defined boundaries, secure fences and gates.

Safety Hazards
  • That a child is injured during the structured activities, during playtime or at Registration or Collection
  • That a child is injured by misuse of equipment
  • That a person is injured in the classroom, sportshall or playgrounds by hazardous materials
  • That a person is injured inside the classroom by broken equipment
  • That a child is injured in the classroom by existing materials or equipment
  • That there is a fire
  • That the Electrical installations are unsafe
Safety Hazards Existing Checks
  • Instructions for each of the activities have been drawn up
  • Staffing levels and plans are in place for breaktime and start/end-of-day
  • Health and Safety policies have been drawn up
  • Rules for using all equipment have been drawn up.
  • Health and Safety policy ensures that daily checks are made of the playground area for any foreign or hazardous material eg broken glass
  • Health and Safety policy ensures that daily checks are made of the indoors for any broken equipments
  • There are no hazardous materials stored within the activity rooms.
  • Children will not have unsupervised access to equipment such as scissors
  • Equipment that is not being used for activities will be locked away.
  • An 'inventory of conditions' checklist is performed prior to start of activities
  • No smoking policy
  • No flammable materials are used for any of the activities
  • Each venue has been inspected by Fire Safety officer and has complied with recommendations
  • Each venue has a clear evacuation policy in the event of a fire
  • Each venue carries out regular maintenance and PAT checks

Health Hazards
  • That a person is injured in the playground by contaminated materials
  • That a child gets sunburn
  • That poor hygiene leads to an outbreak of illness (D&V)
  • That medication is not taken at the correct time / dose
Health Hazards Existing Checks
  • Health and Safety policy ensures that daily checks are made of the playground area for any contaminated material eg dog waste
  • The parents are advised to send in sun screen and that the children wear protective clothing.
  • Play leaders are asked to remind the children to put on sun bloc, or to help administer the sun bloc if necessary.
  • All children and staff must wash their hands before cooking activities and snack breaks / lunch.
  • Play leaders are advised to remind the children to wash hand after using the toilet
  • There is a clear first aid and medication policy that indicates that all medication should be held and administered by the Designated First Aider