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Suffolk Stars Cheer Academy

Our Cheer Academy is open to anyone aged 8 years+ or who have achieved their "Level Six Spirit Cheerleading Award)

We work with two coaches and train our Juniors (Polaris) and Seniors (Sirius) together and separately depending on the task.

In our Recreational Friday classes all children continue to work on the Spirit Cheerleading Awards (developed in conjunction with the UK Cheerleading Association (UKCA) provides a sound framework for the progressive development of cheerleading skills. The scheme builds confidence, teamwork and continued interest in physical fitness)  There are three levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

We also work to achieve solid Level 1 basic skills needed for All Star Cheerleaders, as well as learning to work together as a team, have focus and lots of fun!

Progression to Level 2 and beyond follows when the children are ready. 

Skill Sets are outlined by Future Cheer, USASF, IASF, BCA and UKCA.

To increase our athletes skills set we use the Acrobatic Arts syllabus to improve the athletes strength and flexibility as well as give our athletes a range of tricks.

Level 1 squad entrants (Polaris) are expected to have most level 1 tumbling skills. 

Level 2 squad entrants (Sirius) must have front or back handspring and good strength and conditioning for stunting.  

We are currently not running any level 3 squads. 

POLARIS (Level 1 Skills Set)

Arm Motions

Jumps - T, Tuck, Star, Pike, Toe Touch, Herkie,  Hurdler

Stunts - Ball Stunt, Thigh Stand, Single Based Thigh Stand, Gut Stand, Prep, Single Leg - Liberty / Arabesque / Show Kick / Scorpion, Straddle Sit, Extended Straddle Sit

Standing Tumbling - Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Handstand, Backward Walkover, Forward Walkover, Cartwheel

Running Tumbling - Walkovers, Cartwheels, Round-Offs 

SIRIUS (Level 2 Skills Set)

Level 1 Skill Set plus: 

Stunts - Extensions (above head height), Half Twisting Half Up, Handstand In, Trophy Drill, Basket Toss

Tumbling - Front Handspring, Back Handspring 

Progressing to Level 3 skills...  

As Level 2 withStunts - Twist Ups, Twist dismounts, Twist Cradles

Tumbling - Front somersault, Back somersault